How can you Travel Back home if your passport is lost in Dubai?

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Hi folks!

I have been away for a while and hope readers of my blog have been wondering about me. Well here I am again with my new information sharing post. This time I am sharing out very crucial information which could be very helpful if you have such a situation that you wish to travel back home and your passport is lost or misplaced. Tell you what I have experienced the same thing not with me but with my wife. I was living in Hor-Al-Anz near Hor-Al-Anz Park and due to financial problems we had to shift from that place to some where else. During that shifting my wife’s passport was misplaced and I was way too worried because my wife was pregnant and she couldn’t stay in Dubai for long because I didn’t have medical insurance.

If you are reading this post and something like this had happened with you or some of your friend’s please share this information or give them this blog address.

Ok What to do?. Off course I was guided by someone else about this but what he said is to get an emergency passport from embassy for my wife and send her back. Guess what it is not as easy as it looks. I went to Embassy to get emergency passport, they asked me to go to Police Station, file a report and then bring that report to the embassy. Here starts the journey.

When your passport is lost, your embassy can give you emergency passport only if it is already reported as lost to Dubai Police. When reported, Dubai police gives you a form which needs to be attested by Public Prosecution Office and Dubai Courts and then from Immigration Office.

So I went to Public Prosecution Office, which is near Oud Metha Metro Station for those of you who travel by Metro mostly can walk from Oud Metha Metro station. It is like 5 to 7 mins walking distance.

Wife passport lost in dubai

Dubai Public Prosecution office

There is a very nice Get token and wait system at public prosecution office. I waited there for my turn, when my turn came they asked normal question and stamped / signed the application form. Then I went to Dubai Courts which is the next building to Public Prosecution office. Thank God both buildings are located together or else it is very difficult to travel in Dubai if you don’t have your own vehicle and you can’t drive.

Passport lost application needs to be stamped by Dubai Courts

Dubai Courts

Same Token system in Dubai Courts too and luckily it took only an hour and I had my wife’s lost passport police report application stamped by Dubai Courts too. The next day I went to immigration office which is right next to jaffiliya metro station

jaffiliya immigration office Immigration office jaffiliya

There is a huge long procedure at Immigration Office. I was directed to outer block which is next to cafeteria. I waited for my turn after getting token, then I was asked to buy bank Challan of AED 120 /- which was pasted on my application and than stamped. Once my police report application was stamped I was sent to Police Station which is next to immigration Office from where I started.

Police report for lost passport

Bur Dubai Police Station

For those of you who know nothing about this police station have a glimpse here; 

Luckily I had my application stamped and signed by police officer on duty and I was sent to embassy to get emergency passport. The next day I went to embassy, had some typing as an application for emergency passport. Submitted the application and received the emergency passport next day which was just one piece of paper. Then the embassy sent me to immigration office again to get an OUTPASS which is valid for 24 hrs only.

This time I was referred to immigration in Block – B by outer block, where it took almost full day to had my wife’s emergency outpass collected. They checked for over stay, I had to pay the over stay fees and then some more signatures and supervision were made from different blocks and finally I had emergency outpass received at the end of the day.

The next day I arranged a ticket for her and she flew back safely. Due to less information about the system my wife over stayed almost a month and bared a lot of pain too. During all this suffering and fatigue I learned a lot of things about this system, which I am sharing with all of you in this post. I had some other experience living in Dubai too. I would love to help anyone who have any question or inquries. Hope you have learned something useful. Please leave a comment if you have any question.

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132 responses to “How can you Travel Back home if your passport is lost in Dubai?

  1. if its a year or she has no passport or she run away from her employer if i want a travel documents is it the same procedure the final processing will be checking the over stay right? im im afraid that she will be in jail before they ask some id from her

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this.
    You mentioned your wife overstay for a month approx. Did you pay the overstay fine for one month?


      • I am having a similar situation and I just finished the stamping by Public prosecution, Dubai courts and Immigration. Lady at immigration told me that the overstay fine is applicable till today i,e till the immigration is notified of the lost passport case and in addition we ve to pay 220 dhs to get outpass after we be got the emergency travel doc from the embassy. Is that a conflict?

  3. I had the same problem but my wife is from Kyrgyz Republic and I am Egyptian and my wife got a Certificate for returning to the Kyrgyz Republic and I want her to go to Egypt but they say it is against the Law and that Abu Dhabi Airport will not let her Exit to Egypt , I want to know the full Law for this & Why so i can find a way to let her come to Egypt . Pls. send me this Law or tell me how to get it .

  4. Hi sir. Am come in UAE 21 May 2013 but my owner not make my visa & not pay saliry, am also complained with egency but they also not help me. That’s way am run out side for job, am live in hous 7 months but they not make visa & not pay salaries, so now I want going to my country, what I do eusy way am exit

  5. I,am,working,in a,private company n my 6 months will,b completed on july will i get,my passport,on,eid ul fitr to come back,to,my,country m,in dubai???

  6. Thank you for sharing this..
    So after go to emmbassy to get the emergency pass . We need to go to imigration again to get an outpass which is valid 24 hours?
    So u need to fly home within than 24 hours?

  7. Hi Sir!
    I have been working in uae for a year and my passport has just been stolen. What do I do now? I am from Rwanda and we don’t have an Embassy or consulat here?

  8. Good to see this helpful information you are sharing sir.. We had same situation and I got one question in mind. Are there any considerations for the overstay fine? Knowing that I reported the loss of my passport and received the new one weeks after my visa expired. I got my new passport last June 21 & my visa expired on May 31.

  9. Dear why you not apply new passport in Pakistan embassy?
    you have to pay only 251 AED and get in 10 days & keep your wife with as long you want.

  10. Nyc information….my husband is in dubai..he is working there from last 60 he want to come India bt the owner of the company not return my husband passport…she also not give him his salary..kindly help me what should I do..really need a help.

      • I have recedent visa in Dubai so I make my friend garantour in Dubai court. More than 5month if I call him no pic my call I go his shop somebody tell me he change shop no I don’t where I get him. Now I want go my country how can I do. ? Need ur help please

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  11. Hello sir I am last year come to home dut I have not come back dubai and my visa 2017 June is valid and my passport is lost and this time my new passport can I am dubai turest visa entry any problems with me

  12. Hello sir, My visa has expired and couldnt go back to my home country due to FInancial issues. I have overstayed for 10 months because of my university. Is there a way to find out The fine amount for my overstay? I gave my Visa and passport documents for visa cancelation, but it has taken 4 weeks and i still didnt get the Notification. I wanna pay the fine and leave the country but i dont know the fine amount. How much approximately will the fine amount be? pls help me

  13. Hi pls I need ur advice I have over stay in dubai now due to visa delay and my company that hire me said they will go to migration to get a clearance from them like a exist paper I just want to find out after I exist can I come back with an employment visa

  14. Hi! I had the same issue. I lost my passport when i shifted and I live in Sharjah but wirking Ajman. So i took a police report in ajman and i went to consulate they told me to fill up an affidavit form and police report must be translated in english. But they told me the process to get a travel permit is 15 days. Why for you it’s so fast?

  15. sir, i am pavan came on visit visa I lost my passport and got the outpass in bls office on one month back ,i am going to india any problem

  16. Hello brother .Thank you so much for the information . I want to know how much momey you spent for emergency passport plz tell me i arrange my emergency passport bcz my passport is misstaken some where can you plz help me bro plz plz plz

    • hello sir my husband lives in dubai and same problem with him ..his pasport idienty card car lisence other important card documents have stolen so im worring sir and he want to back home so what proces wil this and how much time spent and money plz tell me sir ..

  17. Good morning sir..
    First of all Thank you sooo much for above information.
    I would like to know about some information regarding same above because I’m in visit visa in dubai I have one week time to exit from dubai suddenly my passport missing I don’t know we’re i lost and I have fligh one this week end kindly help me how can i exit and what process I do to exit please kindly help me on this matter it’s really needful your halp.. I’m looking forward to your reply sir thank you soo much appreciated for your sharing .Thank you sir.

  18. I also lost my passport. My visa is expired and i am for cancellation by my former employer. I already went to the police station to report mh lost lassport. I am yet to complete the stamp from GDRFA. After that i have to go back to.the police station to get the report for me to submit to my Hr and to Phil consulate. My question now is, i found another employer. So i dont to get new visa without passport. You said u can get emergency passport from the consulate but is valid for only? Are there any other options? I need a passport yes but it is so i can get new visa from new employer and to be able to.exit (change visa) grace period is over. I still have 2 weeks at least. Help please. Thank u

  19. I lost my passport and i have to travel on the 30th of this month will they give me travel document

  20. Hello I happen to have lost three British passports in a taxi in Dubai .. myself n and my two daughters . We have reported it n wil go through the same process as you have mentioned as the police informed us .. my question is our tickets are confirmed for the 12 of September .. and it’s the 22nd of August now .. if we get the emergency document only for 24 hours validity period .. I have to arrange payment for our overstay and for that I at least need a week . Please help me out here 24 hours is hard for me to arrange all

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