How to earn passive income in Dubai?

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Though there are many ways for different set of people, like there are delivery boys who can work in the day time at any office and can make deliveries on their bikes in the evening to make some extra income but that’s very tough and if we look around most of the small part time jobs are pretty tough. Sometimes even tougher than the one we are doing in the day time. So how can we earn some passive income in Dubai and not being getting exhausted by extra hard work.

Well there is a way and I am going to tell you in a while. A way, which can make you feel better and make you feel awesome. The way is too simple and needs no hard work at all. The only thing which is required for this method of earning passive income is to be communicative and express your feelings, thoughts, and experience in words.

The method I am going to tell you is Blogging. Yes I know most of you might have heard about blogging and are not very comfortable with the idea that blogging can make real money. Well tell you what it does, and it does really make a lot of money with just little effort and ideas which I am going to tell you.

For a starter there are questions like where to start how to start, what should I blog about? And how will I get paid? For all of those guys my sincere advice is not worry about that part, just start blogging and if you are worried about topics, don’t be. Just blog about anything you are good at. Anything which you have noticed and want others to know blog about it. Anything which you seem interesting as per your perception blog about it, anything which is profitable for mankind and you want to share blog about it. Blogging is actually a natural instinct kind of behavior for humans. People do gossips, blogging is just like that. The difference is in blogging you are converting your thoughts into words.

So where is the money in it? Well don’t be hasty blogging is a three step system to make money. Blog, get traffic and monetize your blog. Those of you who are still in doubt go check on Google how much good blogs are making a month. Tell you what an average blog with nice traffic can make more than a thousand US dollars a month easily. Blogs who are catchier and have excellent traffic rate makes way too more than this. Still confused where is the money? That is in advertisement on the Blog. Google Adsense, Odesk Adsense and many other Ad providers give services which can be availed to place their Ads on the blog and make money. But there is another way to make money than the adsense services and that is Affiliate Marketing. In Affiliate marketing, your site/blog is making sales for the company you are affiliate of and you are making direct commission for every sale. That is a lot more money than simple Google Adsense. If you check PAT Flyn’s income statement at he is making more than $15000 per month from his blogs by affiliate marketing.

Now here is the catch, I am going to tell you another system which can make more money for you than PAT Flyn, Alex Becker and other successful bloggers. All you need is to Blog on Empower Network. With Empower Network the blogger don’t need to worry about Traffic Generation, SEO or getting affiliate links. They are already present in the platform. The only thing blogger needs to do is to create contents and keep posting. Empower Network will does the rest of the work. And with every lead the blogger earns he gets 100% commission. It is a community that is growing tremendously over internet and all bloggers in this community are making serious money. Average blogger with a nice blog with Empower network for over a year can make $5000 a month easily. Without too much efforts, and the charm is Empower network is a huge network with contacts and point of meetings. You can get connected, increase your network and learn from your surrounding networkers. Once your blogging circle is improved and you have good traffic rate and good knowledge of the platform you will start feeling more and more comfortable as you will be making more and more money and this route is never ending. Your blog keeps growing your earning keeps growing.

So far this is the best way to Earn a good passive income in Dubai.



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