How Jeffery way Cleared his Medical Fitness Exam in Dubai to Get his residency

Jeffrey has been a reader of our blog and came to Dubai just like all of us to struggle for a good career. Jeffrey has undergone the same stress which most of the readers has. Finally Jeffrey cleared the medical and sent me via Email. On my request, Jeffrey was kind enough to send me a testimonial so that the readers can read the tale and have some faith. Following is his testimonial.

It all started with getting my first job offer back from my hometown in M*******. I am so excited and looking forward to the Job in Dubai. I went for medical checkup in my country and got all required medical certificate without any issue.
1 week into my job in Dubai, on the second day after I went for the medical checkup at Dubai Knowledge village Block 12, I have receive a disheartening email from AXS telling to go for “RETEST at AL MUHAISNAH MEDICAL CENTRE”. The email had me worried and I start to think about my past history of tuberculosis and I wonder if that is one of the reason, although I am sure I am cured from TB 4 years ago after going through 18 months of medication.
I began to search for information online and found out that they have laws (UAE ministerial decree 28/2010 and the UAE Federal law 7/2008) that are in place to prevent newcomers with past history of TB to work in Dubai. I am totally devastated when I read more about all these testimonials from forum and website telling how people were deported for their lung scars.
I have become anxious and worried for the next 1 week and I kept praying to God and ask him for his guidance in my case, after going to Al Muhaisnah for the medical retest, I am even more convinced I am dealing the my lung scar issue as they took a blood test and 3 consecutive days of sputum test which I am required to the Al Muhaisnah Medical Center every morning for 3 days.
After the ordeal, I came to collect the result of my medical test of TB, when the doctor asked me about my history of TB, I came clean and tell them honestly about my TB history. The doctor said all my blood test and sputum results came out negative and I am not contagious or having any active disease. She then told me that the report will be submitted to the TB committee and they will have their decision made after 3 days where my company PRO should come and collect the result and I am not required to go.
All her statements seems aligned with the testimonial of people online that were deported soon after their PRO collect their result, whereby the TB committee have given the unfit certificate of course.
For the next 1 week, I am very anxious and I search online for more testimonial for cases with exception where the newcomer actually get to stayed because of their old TB scars, and that is when I stumble upon this blogs, there are so many testimonials with methods and ways that everyone have tried to get the “fit” certificate. Most cases of exception are old residents and I had only manage to find 1 or 2 testimonials of new comers who get their “fit” certificate after their company PRO talked with the TB committee.
After the conversation with the doctor at Al Muhaisnah and my doing my researches online, I have communicate my case and my worries with my company PRO, whereby he have suggested me to obtain the record and report of my TB medical treatment back in M*******.
This really had be troubled as I never actually bothered to ask for any record or report of my medical treatment from the clinic where I went for treatment 4 years ago as I know I am 100% cleared from TB.
I made calls to my parents to seek their help to ask the clinic back in my hometown for my medical treatment record and after 5 working days, I have manage to obtain only a hand written summary report from the doctor on duty that stated that I am cured from TB, without any accompanied documentation of the treatment. My company PRO wasn’t optimistic about the helpfulness of such a report, which made me even more jumpy about the whole situation. I’ve continued to pray to God and ask for his guidance and wishes, I also tell him my wishes to stay here to work.
After another 3 long days of waiting, I have received news from my company PRO that another staff (He was wearing kandura and all~) in the company have helped me to talk with the TB committee regarding my case and my medical treatment summary report have help out somehow too. They have finally issued me a “FIT” Certificate!!!!! (Although they required me to go for follow-up appointment to check my body after 2 months) I cried for a moment when I receive the news and I want to give thanks to God for listening to my prayer and well as the help from my company PRO team for their help.
For those who are going through similar cases, I do have some information that might be of use for all of you.
Come clean with the doctor about your past TB record if you have one
Communicate clearly with your company PRO about your case and make good connection with them.
For those with past TB, make sure you have your medical treatment record of TB in your home country with all medical documentation and report with dates, get it attested at UAE embassy of your home country, it would definitely help out one way or another.
Do not lose hope and have faith in God and yourself, and your company PRO and TB committee.


31 responses to “How Jeffery way Cleared his Medical Fitness Exam in Dubai to Get his residency

  1. Hi Malik mudassar,

    Can you assist me on this case I have similar problem with my wife – I need guidance badly.


  2. Hi I’d like to ask if you were asked to have another chest xray on ypur ffup check up? And are you still required to go back from time to time?

  3. Do you think you can reschedule the follow up? They require me to go back on May 11 but I can go back by May 12 instead. Did you have xray and blood tests again on the follow up check up? Thanks in advance for the reply.

  4. Good day, Sir mudassar,,my problem is not about health but my problem is about my husband that who wants to come here,,, he was working in Saudi Arabia before, he was prisoned 6 months due to liqour … He got banned in Saudi , 5 years ago, now he wants to come here in Dubai, is that possible Sir,hoping for your reply,,thank you.

  5. Dear sir, I too have the same problem of TB over past 16 years back & trying to Abu Dhabi. In 2004 when tyred for saudi I got medical unfit from Gamca due to old TB scar in X Ray & unable go saudi… now again trying with hope on Allah….please suggest what to do….it’s difficulty to get cured report from my doctor.Thanks Akbar awaiting for kind reply…

  6. I to have old healed TB scar on X ray but i can first time apply for UAE or not let me now

  7. Dear Mudassar sir

    i too have scar of TB in my lung, in the year 2004 my medical got unfit due scar from GAMCA for Saudi since after this experience i have never try to any gulf country, After i got messages from friend that in UAE they have lifted ban for scar of TB,

    My Q is can i try to ABU Dhabi for first with scar of TB on my lungs this said diseases healed 16 years back…

    Please give valuable suggestion…

    S M Akbar

  8. Hi ,

    My wife had old scar but she is 100% fine now.

    Can we apply her for permanent visa – as they put ban on tb scar test for old tbs also.

    Mustafa Chohan

  9. Hi, tanong ko lang kung ano nangyari na after nung 1 year treatment, nagrenew ka ba ulit for normal processing ng visa after matapos yung 1 year? may binigay ba silang certificate na proof na clear ka TB?

    I have similar case pero sakin naman never ako nagkaroon ng history ng TB pero may scar or spot sa xray ko na nakita sila kaya nag undergo din ako ng TB test gaya ng sputum (Sinabi ko din sa kanila na never akong nagka history ng TB pero syempre di ka nila papakingan) then after nun negative lahat ng result nabigyan ako ng medical certificate pero pinapirma ako ng contract stating may old pulmunary TB ako kahit wala at mag cocomply ako sa treatment yung x-ray every 4 months, pinirmahan ko sya kasi wala namang choice o ibang option para makuha yung medical certificate. Masakit man sa loob ko dahil kagaya ng pakiramdam na inakusahan ka na isa kang criminal kahit wala kang kasalanan ay tinangap ko na lng na may old pulmonary TB ako kahit yung sa mga nauna kong trabaho ay wala namang naging problema ang x-ray ko.

    Sa ngayon kakatapos lang marelease ng Visa ko salamat sa Diyos kahit 1 year masayang masaya talaga ako na nag stay pa din ako sa work ko at naiintindihan naman ng company ko ang situation. Ang worry ko lang kung anong mangyayari after 1 year.

    Share naman ng experience mo after ng 1 year treatment. Salamat!

    • Hello ate. What’s your update? I also have the same issue. My boss said there’s problem with my xray and i have to go back. Any advice po? Thanks.

      • Same issue here. Tomorrow our company PRO will get my final report in Al Muhaisnah and I am hoping and praying that everything will be fine. I went to Al Muhaisnah last week to know the result of the sputum test and good thing it is negative from any disease. Just a heads up that if your sputum test result is positive from TB, they will quarantine you immediately and won’t allow you to leave the fitness center. You just have to inform your relatives/friends to bring your stuff.

      • For now i have to complete my treatment and my first treatment schedule will be in a few days. But still I’m kind of depress everyday because of this. My company understand my situation because i explained everything to them. You should try to talk and explain since your results are negative with no TB history as well

      • Hi Sheen,
        What happened to your case? Are you still in UAE right now?
        Hope to receive update from you.
        Thank you.

    • hello po, same issue sa pamangkin ko negative yung blood at sputum but unfortunately may scar nakita sa lungs and she don’t have even a history or past TB now she got unfit certificate..same case lng sayo pero bakit ganun hindi xa binigyan ng chance?

      • yung pamangkin nyo po ba first time lang po ba sa Dubai? naka visit visa po ba cya or tourist. In my case po kasi visa renewal po kasi yung sakin meaning yung nauna ko pong result is ok wala pong problem even sa una ko pong work sa medical wala rin pong lumabas na scar sa xray which is wierd because they said it was from long time ago.

        That time po there’s a new rule that if a person got a job for the first time in Dubai in visit or tourist visa, if the xray result has a scar they don’t give a chance which is really sad. But if the person has already been working or under renewal there will be no problem they will just undergo the test and xray treatment. Hopefully the rules will change because it’s too painful to accept if you are the one experiencing the situation.

        I’m still scared and full of anxiety and depression po. Paranoid na nga po ako everytime darating yung araw na kelangan ko na naman pumunta para magpa xray, actually 3 years po ako mag a-undergo ng xray treatment. Yun po kasi ang sabi nila sakin sa ospital. Pero I’m still thankfull kasi nandito pa din ako.
        (sensya na po mahaba)

  10. 1. How’s Jeffrey now?
    2 .What happened to him after the 1 year treatment procedure?
    3. Did he received a certificate regarding the completion of the 1 year medical treatment? Did he got his visa continuation.
    4. Does he have to undergo the same procedure again when he renew his visa after his 2 or 3 year visa?
    5. Does he have to undergo again the same procedure if ever he changed company?

    Hope you could enlighten me with some of my questions because I am also undergoing the same situation he had and it is depressing to the point that I wanted to end my life because it gave me too much anxiety and depression. (sorry for the drama)

    Thank you in advance for the answer. Please do not delete my comment. I have been looking for an answer from someone who had already experienced the same situation.

  11. Hi I never TB history and so many time I did medical in Dubai never had issue but this time time they ask me for sputum test waiting for result hope all will go well.praying to God.

      • Thx to ALLAH pornesh guide me i have same case i dont know ho to handle they said i did medical and thn they called me for three days sputum and blood after few days pro said unfit reason they didnt gave ? unfit on first medical and thn i did second time im dha other al mahenash they also calld me bck for maybe checking three days regular what is this ? I m working im abu dhabi i check ct scan clear all nothing

      • Hi Poornesh. Did your report get submitted to the TB committee as well? I just did mine and they told me my report will be submitted to a committee where my PRO is required to come and pick it up. All my tests were negative though.
        Can anyone share any similar experience on this?

  12. Hi, I have complete medical records from Philippines that I am cured from TB and they all have authentications. I will be having a medical checkup to apply for residence/working visa in Abu Dhabi. I only have my girlfriend in Abu Dhabi and no relatives in a legal sense. Do I have a chance to secure a residence visa?

  13. HI Poornesh. Did you present new chest x-ray from a private doctor to get you cleared? I never had this kind of sickness. Been in Dubai for long and this was never shown from past medical tests. But I was surprised now that they are saying that they found a spot on my lung. I went to a private Doctor and had x-ray for my peace of mind. Got a little bit relieved because my chest x-ray result says my lungs are clear and no spot at all. However, been hearing stories that even you are clear from a private doctor, the result of DHA will be followed and the private doctor’s findings. I am too worried for the outcome of the medical report which our PRO will collect tomorrow. If they say I am unfit to work, i will be upset as I don’t deserve it. Because first, all I know I never had TB or any kind of sickness that would leave a scar or spot on my lungs. Second, I have asked a private Doctor and had me done an X-ray but all is clear. No spot, No scar was found on my new X-ray result. I’m praying a lot that I hope they will be fair to me. It’s very stressful actually. Thanks.

  14. Hi,
    I had TB on my neck (lymph) 5 years back. It is totally cured now! I ha to face the same terror of going for a retest followed by the blood test and 3 days Sputum collection. Today, i got the news that report is negative. A sigh of relief! When doctor asked, i told him clearly that i had TB on neck and not lungs! I showed hi the scar too. My question is: Should i must get the certificate from My home country? I don’t really know if in 3 days that can be arranged. Please reply soon. Got just 3 days

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