What are Medical Checkups required for Dubai Residency Visa?

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Getting a job is a good thing in Dubai but to actually settle down in Dubai these things are required;

  • Labor Card
  • Emirates ID Card
  • Iqama/Visa pasted on Passport

Labor Card doesn’t apply for house wife/spouse visa but Emirates ID card and Aqama needs to be obtained to have legal status in Dubai. I started regular job routine after getting hired which I mentioned in my previous post How I got a Job in Dubai. When my company started to process my documents I came to know that I need to exit Dubai once and re-enter Dubai on work visa. Although my employer was very kind and I trusted him but soon doubts started encircling me. I started thinking what If i go back home and company never send me the visa. What if something gets wrong this time and many other fears which made me kind of sick.

Let me tell you some common practices which are feared a lot. Companies hire candidates on tourist visas, get them working for them and when their tourist visa limit expires they pay for either extension or ask them to go home and they will send him work visa via Email. If candidate was up to the mark and was highly appreciated then his visa is sent to him via Email and is submitted to the Airport at D-nata counter. Employee fly to Dubai using that photocopy and than collects his visa from Airport before passport / Immigration control. What is feared is if the employee is not considered worthy he is never sent a visa and his time in Dubai with that company is wasted either he is get paid or not.

Luckily I had a good employer, I got my visa , I flew back to Dubai from Pakistan on company sponsored Emirates Airlines return ticket. My colleague submitted my visa on airport which I collected on arrival and all things went well. When you come back on employment visa than the rest of documentation start. The Work Permit which is mostly a pinkish red color printout of a permit only allows you to fly in to Dubai as a worker after that you have to get original visa pasted on your passport which is called Aqama in Arabic.

To get Aqama, Labor Card and Emirates ID Card, you need to follow these steps;

Typing of Documents

Typing of Documents is actually getting a serial number online for Medical and Emirates ID Card Application which is printed on the form. Secondly to get the documents translated into Govt. set format and in Arabic Language

Medical Test

At Govt allotted health centers, you need to appear for blood test and X-Ray. Once your tests are done the results are sent to the address you have mentioned on the application.

Medical tests required for Dubai Visa

Currently Following Checkups are done at Medical Centers of UAE for Residency Visa;

  • HIV
  • TB

Hepatitis C is no more tested and there are relaxations for Hepatitis B cases as well in new UAE immigration policies due to need of huge amount of professionals for Expo 2020.

Positive candidates of above mentioned cases are rejected and sometimes deported based on severity of the case

Emirates ID

Emirates ID centers are mostly adjacent to health centers, once you have completed your medical procedure, you go to Emirates ID center and give scans of your palms, fingers, thumbs and eyes. Emirates ID is also later sent to the Address you mention on the application form.

There are three known medical health centers in Dubai.

  1. Muhaisna [Sonapur] Health Center. Dubai Hospital
  2. Satwa Health Center
  3. Al-Qouz Health Center

Majority of new appliers are sent to Sonapur Labor Camp health center. To get Sonapur Health Center, you can either take taxi which will charge around AED 100 from Central Dubai like Bur Dubai and Deira and around AED 120 from Western Dubai like Albarsha or Jabel Ali areas. If you are in Albarsha, the nearest health center is in Al qouz. The other way and the cheap way to get to health center is via bus. Routes 13, 17 and 13B goes to sonapur health center. If you are coming from Central Dubai like Bur Dubai Deira or Karama, you can take these buses from Al-Qusais Metro station on green line or Dubai Airport Free Zone Metro Station on Green line.

The Medical Process

Once you have reached Medical Center, first thing which you will feel to have entered in some super duper crowded place like a market at bay. Actually its in Labor Camp So folks living around are all labor, not very rich and not at all a good life style. They live in sharing like 10 to 12 guys in a single room of dimension 12 x 10 ft. Anyway on the gate of Health center you meet the security guard who guides you to the information office or the central half. The first thing you need to do is to get a Zajel form. Zajel is a courier service which will deliver your Medical report and Emirates ID card on the address you will mention on Zajel form.

Second thing is to get a token for medical processing. Once you have got the token you will sit in the waiting area and will wait for your number to be called. Once you are called you will go for blood test. Once your blood is taken, you will be referred to X-Ray area. Once you are done with X-Ray you are free to go to Emirates ID Card Center.

Charges of Medical and Emirates ID Card typing and file preparation are AED 560 for both. The health form in your hand will state that you have paid a fees of AED 240 that is for normal and AED 500 for urgent. The normal medical report mostly comes in a week, the urgent comes in 24 hrs. Once you have received your medical report you again go for visa typing and submit your passport for Aqama which takes no more than two days.

Once you have your emirates ID card, your Aqama pasted on your passport than you have acquired residency status and can roam around free in UAE as a resident.
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1,006 responses to “What are Medical Checkups required for Dubai Residency Visa?

  1. This afternoon I went to Immigration (al Ain) and they were positive that my husband’s ban could be removed and I could apply for a new visa but they told me to come back during the morning when the captain is there- will post again when I have more specific information but spoke to 3 people including the one in charge of iris scan and all were encouraging.

  2. I just wanted to update everyone on my situation. Yesterday I went to Al Ain immigration and they told me I had to go to the HAAD office to inquire about the new law and lifting my husband’s ban. At first the lady there said the new law was in practice for new arrivals but since my husband tried to enter and received a ban before 27 Jan when Sheikh Mohammed changed the law he would not be able to reenter the UAE. At that point I started crying uncontrollably – how cruel would it be if that was their decision? My driver who I have known for 2 years and who knows our whole situation started talking with the Director and he said they have not received the directive from HAAD about clearing the ban for family members who were deported due to TB but he would call them and see what he could find out. As we were driving away I received a call from the Director who had spoken with the main HAAD office and said the ban would be removed but they will be receiving instructions in 20 days or so. So if you are trying to bring your spouse here don’t give up hope, wait until April and we should be able to remove their ban and reapply for a visa.

    • you are not alone, many of us have the same situation. My husband also doing many rounds of immigration and Health centers for last 12 days but still there is no clarity , We are in hurry since we need to plan for kid’s admission for this coming academic session and many other things.

  3. i have gilbert’s syndrome and i want to work in abu dhabi as a supervisor in supermarket.my total bilirubin count shows some times 2.5 mg and also its varying.Is there any problem to pass the medical test in abu dhabi?
    thanking you

  4. There are new press reports on this subject
    Its mentioned that “A resident with a spouse, child or parents with active or non-active TB, the first degree relatives who were previously denied visas, will now be allowed to come into the country.”

    But when i inquired in MOH DHA and DNRD yesterday, still there are no assurances from there side.

    • When I went to the Al Ain HAAD office(see my post above) they were expecting a directive to come from the main office in Abu Dhabi by the end of this month – this is from a conversation between the director of HAAD and the local office director. They said the ban will definitely be lifted and my husband will be able to come back but they have not yet received procedural instructions. Maybe check again in a week-10 days. Like everything here I think it is a matter of ‘shway shway inshallah’ and we just need to be patient for a little while longer and keep praying. This press conference is definitely good news. I am going to be with my husband in India for a week and happy we can start making our plans.

    • “Those who had been asked to leave the country earlier due to TB – including those who have been banned – and are now wishing to come back can reapply,” said Dr Nada Al Marzouqi, Acting Director of Preventive Medicine Department at the ministry.

      “They should be able to do this within weeks since we are setting up an implementation procedure with the Ministry of Interior,” she clarified.

      I think we can inquire again within a few weeks or maybe by the end of this month.

      • Hello everyone, please what would you advise a Nigerian like me who wants to work in Dubai but doesn’t know anyone or has never been there before?

        I am in dire need of your answers please including the blogger.

      • Being Nigerian is not a crime, so don’t feel guilty about it you have an equal right to come and work in Dubai as others do. Rules and Regulations varies from region to region. Apply for a job or get a visit visa, then apply for a job and convert your visa

      • Dear Mrs. Pradhan,
        Thank you for the good news, I was deported this year (2016) in January due to Old TB scar, I have done all my medical examinations here in my country and found no active disease but yes I do have Old TB Scar, would you please let me know what are the documents needed to re-enter UAE and where should I go for the attestations. I will be very grateful to you.
        Waiting to hear from you soon.
        Best regards
        Pratima Dewan

      • When I want to the HAAD office they asked for a copy of my husband’s old visa , passport, and our marriage certificate. I am currently out of the UAE on leave but when I get back next month will also go to the Immigration office in AD. I think the old ban needs to be removed before anything else can be done.

  5. hi mudassar
    first of all i would like to thank for all your responses
    here is my story, i had i job in dubai duty free back to 2013, i went there but i failed the medical test cause of old tb..they deported me after two months i stayed in dubai but i never had tb or any chest disease.
    now i read that the law change and i would love to go back to dubai..i sent a friend to immigration office to check if i banned but they told him tht i got no problem to enter the country.
    i want to know which step should i do to go back there and if it sure that i will get the fit certificate and not having the same problem as before..
    please let me know
    best regards

  6. I keep inquiring, the exemption rule is applicable for new and existing visa applicant, still there is no process for removal of ban from people banned earlier due to old tb scars.

      • I follow up at dnrd dubai. They said that they did not rcv any direction from Abu Dhabi main office.

      • Good day Sir… My brother will come here in Dubai but his xray results shows minimal fibrosis left upper lobe. Hyperaerated lungfields… Would he be given a fit certificate in Dubai? I am so worried.. Pls reply Sir..thank u so much of your time

    • I am also with the same problem but I was told by the immigration officer in Abu Dhabi that I can re-enter UAE after thorough examinations from your country hospital, attestation from the ministry of Health of your country, plus stamped by the Embassy of UAE from your country saying you are fit to travel to UAE. Thats what I am trying to do now.

      • What did they tell you to do about your previous immigration ban? My understanding is that if you try to get a new visa you will be denied unless the old TB scar ban is removed.

  7. There is still no clarity what and when this law will apply ,when and how the ban will be removed for spouse who were found to have old tb scars and banned for life by immigration. This delay is very disappointing & stressful because this new law rules reported in newspaper on 25 feb 2016 that this becomes retrospective effective from 27th January 2016, and then again reported on newspaper on 23 march 2016 on world tuberculosis day.

  8. I have checked with immegration department yesterday. Still no ammendment in system for those who got Ban due to old TB. Dont know what to do as even they dont know when it will be deployed.

  9. Hi all here… I have worked in Dubai for almost 6 years and has came back to my country in 2006. Unfortunately I have undergone a by pass surgery in ,2014 and now I’m working in a MNC in India.
    But I wanted to go back to Dubai, but I’m wondering wether I will be allowed to work with this medical back ground.?
    All I know is tht Dubai law will check for HIV & TB. (Blood test & X-ray)..
    But I got some stiches in my chest ribs and could be easily seen in X-ray.. Now my question is will I be able to get through this medical tests and work for any company?
    Will those stiches really matters in means of medical tests?
    Please help me …

  10. To Mr.Mudassar i too have scar of old TB on my lungs, which healed past 16 years back when medical done for saudi from GAMCA in the year 2004 i got unfit…

    Now again i want try for UAE first time,now can i clear medical test with old healed TB…

    Please Reply

  11. Dear Mudassar Sir,
    since past few days i ma posting comments (asking help) why one replies or my post is not posting?

    I have scar of TB in my lungs shall i try for Abu Dhabi, why in the year 2004 my i got medical unfit from GMMCA for saudi…

    Please give reply….

    S M Akbar

  12. Dear Mudassar sir

    i too have scar of TB in my lung, in the year 2004 my medical got unfit due scar from GAMCA for Saudi since after this experience i have never try to any gulf country, After i got messages from friend that in UAE they have lifted ban for scar of TB,

    My Q is can i try to ABU Dhabi for first with scar of TB on my lungs this said diseases healed 16 years back…

    Please give valuable suggestion…

    S M Akbar

  13. hi I’m still here in Dubai and my visa will exppire this 2nd week of June Just wanna get an idea because,DHA declared that i had an old scar ,but my company gave me a chance for the second opinion so im now going to take another chest xray.I was thinking if my second opinion (x-ray)result is still failed.Is it possible that i can still get a tourist visa or extend my stay in Dubai.And during my exit ,then entry in Dubai wont give any problem to me.Pls help me..

  14. dear sir
    I have hepatitis B in Elisa test but my P C R test is normal I can co
    me to Dubai

  15. Hi sir,
    Yesterday I did the medical test and after an hour i get a message saying “dear customers, your medical fitness report has been sent to general directory of residency and foreigners affairs. Please proceed to your nearest GDRFA branch.

    Is there anything wrong with the result or did it pass how do I know I’m worried
    Please reply

  16. Hi…i have heard that hepa b is one of the requirements in applying visa for riyadh…. has it change already because of certain categories?

  17. sir please reply me fast my heart is on right side and i am ok i have no other disease and also i am not feeling ill i am normal like who have heart on left side is my medical will pass or fail.

  18. did my medical day before yesterday, just wanted to know by when would they call for a retest if there is an issue ?

  19. Hello,
    A friend of mine had Hepatitis C but he is cured, according to the current law, they don’t even check for Hepatitis C anymore? Can he come to Dubai?

  20. dear sir
    I have hepatitis B in Elisa test but my all test is normal I can come to Dubai plz reply me .

  21. I want to go UAE on residence visa. I have hcv positive but after treatment I clear it my pcr is negative will it create any trouble in medical fitness test in UAE? because in antibody test it shows positive so please reply

  22. I did my chest xray 3 months back it showed a small partial dot on the bottom of the chest doctor said its a calcification noodle and cant be cured but doesnt cause any problems.recently Im in dubai and joining a job so will i be disqualified in medical test because of that please answer me.

  23. Recently September I got medical tests for my second visa employment visa …but my new employeer didn’t attachment my old visa that my old visa also less then 6months….My question is I got medical after next day my pro said u have to go retest …then I went there I asked them then they send me MOL that men told me u have to give sputum test then I ask for what then he said tb test u have scar then I told him this is my second visa 2months before same medical center I got medical tests that time nothing is there now how come???I show them my old visa details …they said anyway we have to give …I give test for 2days after lab person told me give to MOL i give to him my medical card he check in system he said nothing is there u can get ur certificate 42days before…..for what 42days time please tel me I am to much scared

  24. Any update on TB ban?? People who were deported earlier due to old tb can come now or not.And what will be the procedure.? Please update

    • My husband previously received a life ban due to old TB. After I read the news that the law had changed I went to the HAAD office here in Al Ain. I believe AD emirate was allowing previously banned family members to return before DXB or any others. It is best if you have a good PRO go with you to help you through the process. We had to get approval from the head office of HAAD in AD, also everything needed to be sent to MOI, then after they gave permission finally I was able to apply to remove his ban which cost 500 AED and I could apply for his new visa. Even after that there were problems though as he came through DXB and his name had not been removed from DXB immigration blacklist. He was almost sent back to India even though he had a legitimate visa. Also we went on vacation in December and when we came back we were detained for over 2 hours and had to go back up to the departures area to get approval from the immigration head(I believe). Later he went to DXB immigration office and found out his papers were fine but he had not been removed from blacklist. When he went back to DXB immigration last week they told him he was all clear. We are going to Nepal for a week so hope that is true. He has to get a chest Xray 2x/year at the health office and his visa has to be renewed every year..

  25. Hello sir, you replied one person that any person who suffered by asthma will permitted for employment visa. But a medical test center consultant in India told me that they won’t allow the asthma persons. Could you clarify this please…

  26. Hey,Am stranded how do you really know that you have passed medical tests when you have joined the company,because they don’t tell you anything and does health cards confirms that you passed it or it’s amendatory and what leads to the delay of Emirates card.

    • hi inertia
      in most cases, when you dont pass your medical test, they will call for another medical test in not more than a week

  27. I received a sms says:
    Dear Customer,
    your Medical Fitness Report has been sent to General Directory of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Please proceed to your nearest GDRFA branch. Thank You.

    (Is the a fit/unfit result?, Kindly advice)

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