How I moved to Dubai on a Bed Space….!

As I stated in my previous post Tourists attractions in Al-Ain, that I was living in Al-Ain and when I Finally got a Job in Dubai it was really hard for me to manage living in Al-Ain. I had to move to Dubai. But where and with whom, this was a big question mark on my mind when I was coming back from Dubai to Al-Ain to tell my friend and uncle about my job.

When I came to UAE from Pakistan I had brought 1500 AED with me only which was proven very less to me very soon when I calculated monthly expenses when you are searching for a job on your own without any external help. Living in Dubai is also expensive and if you are new consider yourself pocket jacked for almost 1000 AED to be spent in living expenses which includes your meals too.

When I told my friend and uncle about my job they were as glad as I was and they cheered me and greeted me and I spent the evening getting greetings and wishes from everyone. Everyone was interested in watching the offer letter which was stamped by the company. Let me tell you, in Dubai if you are offered a job and you receive an offer letter on letterhead of the company with a stamp then you can start considering yourself a salaried person provided that you don’t do something stupid enough to have yourself terminated during your probation period. And I guess it is same everywhere.

The next day I took my bad and went to Dubai, I was dragging my bag all the way to the office because I had to find a place for me yet. I surfed on Dubizzle and Wagib for bed spaces. I was going to rent a bed space for sure because that was the only way I could manage my initial expenses. I found some reasonable bed spaces I wrote down the numbers and decided to call them after office. The first one was near Al-Ghubaiba Metro station and the second was in Al Karama. I was more attracted to the one near Al-Ghubaiba Metro station. I got free from first day in office at 06:00PM. I reached Al-Ghubaiba Metro station and waited for the person to come and guide me to the room. To my horror when I entered the room it was hardly a place for a person to layout his bed and stretch his legs but there were four people living in it and I was supposed to be the 5th one. The rent was 450 AED. Right on the spot I changed my decision of living near Al-Ghubaiba Metro station and choosing any place else. I went to nearest internet café again surfed at Dubizzle got two more numbers. One of which was a Pakistani guy he told me that they have a bed space in their room vacant in Burjaman. Burjaman Metro Station was called Khalid bin Waleed Metro station back then. I reached KBW Metro station the guy was nice enough to escort me from Metro Station and he guided me to the building. It was the famous Sun Shine Building beside Holyday Inn Hotel near Burjaman Metro station. Folks around mostly call that building the Filipino building because there are too many Filipinas living in this building. This bed space cost me 500 AED which I gave that guy right away. The Apartment was nice; it had a balcony where we used to hang our cloths after washing. There was a combined washroom and everyone has a 15 min time window in the morning for using washroom. There are a lot of other apartments in this building and is very reasonable for starters to step in unless they find a job and then move on.


I stayed in that room for a month than I shifted in to another apartment with Filipinos, not because I liked Filipinos but because there was a full partition available at cheap rate and one of my student came from Pakistan too whom I had to accommodate too. Later on I found a lot of links to find bed spaces some of them are given below;

Bed space in Dubai

Apartment for Rent in Dubai

Later on I moved to Al-Barsha in a combined room which me and my colleagues rented together, we figured it was much cheaper than living separately.

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How I moved to Dubai on a Bed Space


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  11. Hi Mudassar,
    I got job in dubai but my employer in not providing me accommodation. Now i have to find it by myself. My expected date for moving is 1st january 2014. Can you guide me to find any suitable bedspace.


    • 0557112041, Call him if he had any available bed space he will let you know. Or ask him about contact number of Mr. Saleem, He deals in bedspaces, Good guy will help you for sure. Average bedspace rent is 600AED to 650 AED per month in Albarsha.

      In deira and Bur dubai you can find much less, but they rushed by “Desi people” and bed bugs you might not like em too much

  12. There are some numbers in my post. If you can’t find a bedspace from there then look in dubizzle if can;t then go to Deira you will find lots of bed spaces there near mateena

  13. Your blog is really nice, please give more info and update your blog regularly so that people get to know the new country. Keep up the good work.. we are all waiting for the next update

  14. Full Furnished Bedspace available near to Burjuman Metro Station (Bur Dubai)

    We are searching decent Indian or Paki brother to join us immediately.
    All facilities are available, carpeted room, big balcony, Big refrigerator, oven etc.
    DEWA, Internet, GAS is included in the rent.

    3 minutes walk to Burjumen Metro Station (Green & Red Lines), mosque, super market, gym, medical center, banks, Vox cinema, Groceries, restaurants etc.

    Contact: Tahir – 055 7397 403
    Rent: AED 750/- per month.

  15. Full furnished bed space available with good people near metro – Burjuman

    hi, if you are looking decent people to live with, just call 055-7397403 to have bed space for you.

    2 minutes walk to Burjuman Metro Station (Green and Red Lines)
    2 Minutes walk to Gym, mosque, restaurants, medical centers.

    Facilities: Big balcony, Carpeted room, cabinet, wifi, Gas, Oven, Big refrigerator etc

    DEWA+Internet+GAS is free

    Rent 750 AED

    Contact: Tahir – 055 7397403 (whatsApp)

    AVAILABLE FOR RENT Bur Dubai Behind, panorama hotel bur dubai
    Male Bed-space available immediately with huge balcony attached . Kitchen all facilities available
    Bed-space for Rent – AED 1250 ( Hall room ) including DEWA, Internet (Wi-Fi),
    AED 1300 single bed (bedroom) including DEWA, Internet (Wi-Fi),
    we have rooms available also for rent
    VERY NEAR TO panorama hotel bur dubai
    al fahidi metro station 10 minutes walking distance
    Bus stop 5 minutes walking distance
    CALL FOR BOOKING 00971529756876 / 0506381920

  17. Hey Hi. I am Indian female and pobably I will get my offer letter .. I had a skypr interview..but the company is not providing me accomodation I have to search for that on my own , how should I do that being in india? Please guide also if u have some female friends who can help me

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