The Tweaks, I made in my resume

Some of my friends and colleagues read my blog and complained that I am being too truthful and it could be fatal in the long run but I replied that what is the point of writing your tale when you are not telling the truth.

In my last post; Searching for job in Dubai I told you how disappointed I felt when I didn’t get a positive response from my first walk in interview call from Dubai. Back in 2008, I wrote an article about our reactions and behaviors after we fail. During that study I learned that disappointment is a feeling which is a natural reaction of a failure in our aim or strategy and that has nothing to do with the actions we take after that failure. The actions that are taken after that failure are responsible for getting success or getting failed again.

So what I did, I started studying all the jobs and their requirements and then I started studying my competition and traced them in figures and I learned that I was doing all thing wrong. I was applying for job titles like Network Administrator, Data Communication expert, System Engineer or a technician able to work in a Lab with Microsoft, Linux or Solaris platforms on application level and with network platforms like Cisco, juniper or Nortel. But this field was already rushed by Indians and Pakistanis, moreover in an environment of 50 to 100 computers there is normally one guy to manage meaning there are very less jobs for network engineers/system engineers and high competition. But what I also learned is that if a network of 100 computers is managed by one guy, who is going to use the computers. That’s what hit me and I started to figure out what other jobs are available in the market and how can I apply for them.

Dubai is again rising like a shining city, millions of people come here every month and thousands of new companies are registered every year. For every company in this modern era, an internet identity is considered must and the internet identity could be a social media page a blog or a website. As more and more companies are getting registered every year, online business is growing tremendously and job portals and rushed with jobs related to website designing, development, content writing, search engine optimization and internet marketing.

From the year 2010 to 2012, I had worked at LOGIX College of Business and Information Technology as Network Administrator. During that stay I studied PHP/MySQL and other Web Development stuff and then I practiced them in a software house named Koloration. That was not too much experience in this field as compared to data communication portion but as it is said in IT that logic is polished better with latest tools and tricks. So I changed my resume title from Network Administrator to Web Application Developer and to my surprise I got a call back from the first job I applied for. Ok may be I got lucky because I applied the moment the job was posted on Dubizzle.

So I found that Job hunting is not an easy task in Dubai nor difficult it is just tricky. If you are interested in reading about tips of job hunting you can read my post; Top 5 Job hunting tips in Dubai for expats.

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