Searching for Job in Dubai – First Interview Call

Good thing about Dubizzle is that it has very good searching criteria, we can search categories and sub categories and can give our keyword or phrase too. My priorities in searching job field was data communication, telecommunication or network administration as most of my previous experience was in these fields. Frankly there is no shortage of network administration jobs on Dubizzle or Gulf Jobs or any other job site. The problem was almost every company required previous UAE experience and a UAE Driving license. I was very confused initially about the requirement of driving license but later on I learned that giving a car to the employee by company is much cheaper than hiring a transport service or a full time driver. Buying a car is not very expensive for a company; they can easily lease it through bank on very easy installments.

So I started looking for job using keywords network, system, engineer, and technician and got a pretty good list of opportunities out there. I applied to almost all of them but couldn’t get any response. It was almost 10 days since I got in UAE and couldn’t find a job. Since one day I got an email back from a personal care company located in Jumeira Lake Towers. It was really far from me. I talked to Asghar and asked him to go with me which he agreed after I insisted a little.

We took Al-Ghazaal transport’s bus for Dubai from Al-Ain bus station which I mentioned in my previous post. I didn’t have the road map with me as I was new and didn’t know that road maps are very handy while traveling in Dubai, but I had instructions from the company about how to get to their office. We had to reach Jumeira Lake Tower metro station on redline and then follow the instructions to reach their office.

The bus took nearly 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach Al-Ghubaiba bus station. We asked for metro station, and the conductor guided me to the metro station. Good thing about Al-Ghazaal buses is all the drivers are Urdu/Hindi speakers so it is not at all difficult for a Pakistani to communicate. We reached the metro station entrance which is in the basement two steps down. We bought the train cards, swapped them and went down again for boarding the train.

Al-Ghubaiba metro station is a piece of Art; Eye catching design, images of ancient Dubai and surroundings and fairly neat & clean environment. Al-Ghubaiba metro station is on green line so we switched train at Burjaman Metro station which was called Khalid bin Waleed Metro station at that time. Changing train was fun, to roam in Burjaman metro station from one side to other was fantastic. We took the redline train and boarded off at JLT Metro Station and then we walked to Al-Fattan tower which was aside the parallel road of Marina Walk.

The company has some male and female hair salons and beauty parlors with all inclusive like Moroccan bath and spa. The Job title was Network Administrator, but to my horror, there wasn’t any walk in interview setup besides they were collecting resumes only. An Indian received my resume too and told me that they will call back if I got shortlisted. I knew the very instant that I will never get a call back and that the company already might have hired someone. With a fatal disappointment in my heart and a smile on my face I took my friend and we followed the bread crumbs back to Al-Ain where we started.

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