First tour to Ajman from Al-Ain

As I told you in my last post that I travelled to Dubai for first time in my life, so everything was new to me and I had to learn something on every moment everywhere. My senses were acting like sensors and were catching every sight as an input to my master computer brain and it was continuously storing and interpreting data from surrounding. Ok back to the topic. I was in Al-Ain with my friend Muhammad Asghar or Malik Asghar as he is a Malik too just like me.

Al-Ain is a big city on border of Oman. Though Al-Ain is a separate emirate but it is ruled under Abu Dhabi. Al-Ain is famous for it’s camel racing activities. Population of Al-Ain mostly comprises of Locals, Bengalis and Pakistanis. Of course we cannot subtract Indians out of the picture from everywhere in United Arab Emirates so there are roughly 20% Indian (Keralites) too in Al-Ain.

The Pakistani population in Al-Ain is 80% Pathans from KPK and has been settled here since long. They are very strong and united and they care for each and stand for each other in case of emergency situation. Rests of the Pakistanis are mostly employed by Air Base in Al-Ain and all of these Pakistanis are ex-airman from Pakistan Air Force.

During evening sittings I met a lot of “uncles” from Pakistan who were in transportation business and had trucks which they were either driving or managing. One of them was Mr. Khalil ur Rehman. He was also from Pakistan and from the same city I was i.e. Sargodha. Co-incidence was that I used to run an internet café back in hometown and those shops which I had rented were owned by his son. When we were properly introduced he was very cherished and glad to see me. He was the one who gave me the tip of Dubizzle as one of the best job hunting portal in UAE and no doubt at that time it was but later on it was flooded by scammers.

Anyway I searched on Gulfnews, Gulf Jobs, Dubai Jobs, bayt and many other websites and I saw some Ads in newspaper classified section too. I made a list of Jobs which I found myself a suitable candidate and sent resumes from an Internet Café in Al-Ain city. I got reply from one of recruiting firm in Ajman. I was amused and glad to have first response from them. I called them for route instructions; they told me every single step how to get there in the e-mail.

Al-Ain Bus Station

Al-Ain Bus Station

I went to Al-Ain Bus station; got a bus for Sharjah, From Sharjah I again took a bus to Ajman. The last bus stand was near central Eid Gaah (Place where Eid prayers are offered). The recruiter firm was nearby, I reached their office, and they took my visa copy, passport copy and asked me to wait. In the waiting room there were other candidates too. A pretty lady from Philippines and an elderly chap from India, I asked either of them if they were being interviewed or not but they told me that they are waiting too. Soon they started calling names, mine was third, A young lady interviewed me about my skills and my salary expectations she didn’t ask any kind of technical question. I was now bold enough to guess that it was a recruiting firm and they might have been running a scam show which was proved exactly in a while. They asked everyone to register with them and give them 300 AED which is refundable in 3 months if they don’t find a good job for the candidate.

I knew tourist visa is for one month and even after the extension the candidate can only wait for one more month so saying money back guarantee after three month was a pure scam. I refused the offer and followed the same route back to Al-Ain with a disappointed heart but a smiling face.

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