Travel to Dubai: Flight Tale

Ok! I took off from Lahore Airport. It was really a fun, sitting at airport alone since no one came to see me off. Though there were some friends who were agreed to come with me but I stopped them at the very last moment. So I was sitting at the Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore and was enjoying the crowd of people and interesting things going on at the airport. A few of them I would love to state them here. People weeping to see off their relatives and guests, mostly friends hugging each other with tears in their eyes, kids playing around and then trying to find their parents after getting lost and a lot of other funny things which can make a complete book on a day at airport which is off the topic.

I had a ticket of Air Blue airlines a bit costly then Shaheen airline but a lot cheaper than Emirates Airlines. My flight timing was 9:00 PM. I had to check in at 6:00 PM which I did. After being “processed” from all the procedures of checks and passport control and immigration I was finally in waiting area sitting in front of Air Blue’s plane at Gate 24. Air Blue plane really look like a small car parked a side of huge truck which was PIA Boeing 777, getting ready to fly for Jeddah.

I was destined to travel to Dubai, so I stayed in front of my gate and boarded the lane at 8:30 PM. As per passengers who were regular in flying with Air Blue, this was pretty quick service by Air Blue as it rarely happens that boarding and departures are done in time. My finally travel to Dubai started at 09:10PM when plane took its wheel of the ground from Pakistani land. I took a sigh of relief as I was running away from Jail.

Flight was OK, there was nothing special happened during the flight. We landed in Dubai in 3:30 hrs and got cleared from immigration in the next hour. At around 1:30 AM I was exiting Dubai Airport for the first time in my life entering into Dubai.

That’s all for this post, Must read how I managed to survive in my next posts

Travel to Dubai – Flight tale

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  12. hey this blog is exactly what a new traveller wants about dubai, bro i m from india and going to dubai next month (for the first time) and have the same feeling you had when you traveled dubai, plz share about your outings, night life, metro details, places you visited so far, does and don’t about dubai… i am eagerly waiting for the next update

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